We are a non profit organization working to support the successful development of communities and organizations to promote human diversity.

Diversity is commonly known as the principle that each person should be allowed or encouraged to fully realize their potential, regardless of their gender, age, race, ethnicity, origin, nationality, disability, language or culture.

Within our organization, we further use “diversity” to describe communities or organizations where “Each member can individually contribute their part for a better tomorrow.”

Our aim is to develop and promote research and reform to make communities and organizations flexible enough for the full participation of their diverse membership.


Our activities
We are implementing various projects so that “diversity” can be achieved for the three target groups.

For Community
We aim for regional development that can capitalize on the way of life in which people openly express themselves.

– Support to activities for victims, that consider diversity in the event of disasters
– Support to solving regional societal problem by promoting the social business
– Holding of seminars and providing lecturers on the theme of diversity
– Management of the joint office “Diversity Labo Osaka”

For Organization
We aim for supple and strong organization development so that members with diverse background can play an active role.

– Providing lecturers for employees and officers on the theme of diversity
– Survey and Research on diversity within companies
– Consulting for volunteer activities by employees
– Support to activities of companies in the event of disasters

For Society
We aim for society to support the supple and strong communities and organizations that consider diversity.

– Survey, Research and Propsal on diversity
– Providing information on diversity
– Formation and operation of the network for diversity promotion

E-Mail: office  (atmark) diversityjapan.jp

Tokyo Office
Avaco Build. 5F 2-3-18 Nishi-Waseda Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, ZIP Code 169-0051
TEL:03-6233-9540  FAX:03-6233-9560

Osaka Office
Nippo-ShinOsaka-Dai2 Build. 802 Nishi-Miyahara Yodogawa-ku Osaka, ZIP Code ;532-0004
TEL:06-6152-5175  FAX:06-6195-8812


We used to conduct paper surveys to collect data in rural areas with limited internet connectivity. Thanks to QuestionPro’s offline mobile app, collecting offline data is a piece of cake now, especially when you don’t have to deal with paperwork anymore..