We are looking for new tenants (Diversity Labo. Osaka)

dlab003We are looking for new tenants
Diversity Labo. Osaka

Diversity Labo. Osaka is the joint office that promoting groups for human diversity are gathered.
Newly we are looking for tenants.

= Place =
2nd floor Tokushima build. 2-6-7 Juso-Higashi Yodogawa-ku Osaka-shi
2 minutes walking from east exit of Juso station, Hankyu line.

dlab002= Monthly fee =
rental fee 30,000 yen for 1 desk + common service fee 5,000 yen
* 2 desks or more are available, please contact for more information.

= Facilities (containing in common service fee) =
Internet access
Printer and photo copy machine(containing FAX and scanner)
Meeting space ( for 2 – 8 people)
Seminar space (upto 20 people, discounted extra charge)
White board, Bookshelf, Refrigerator, Microwave etc.

= The number of recruitment =
3 desks

dlab004= Tenant conditions =
– Those who can agree the purpose of our joint office
– Group or people who work on social issues.

= Contact =
Institute for Human Diversity Japan
E-Mail: office (atmark) diversityjapan.jp

We are a non profit organization working to support the successful development of communities and organizations to promote human diversity.